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Installing a Bathroom Vanity

Installing a bathroom vanity is a great way to liven up any bathroom. We at Vanity Connection highly recommend getting professional help from a licensed contractor or handyman, but it's a job perfect for the experienced DIYer. 

Before beginning the project, gather the tools and materials necessary. For tools, a pencil, a level and a pipe wrench are required. For materials, you may need shims, tub caulk, utility knife and bucket and should have the vanity.

Step 1: Shut off water and disconnect supply lines. Use the bucket under the pipes to catch any water from the pipes or p-trap.

Step 2: Remove the old vanity by using a utility knife to loosen the caulking between the vanity or countertop and wall. Make sure to go all the way down the sides as well as the back. Remove the countertop carefully to avoid wall damage. Remove any screws holding the vanity in place, then take away vanity. Two people may be required for this job.

Step 3: Position the new vanity by finding the wall studs and marking their position above the height of the vanity. Mark the placement of new screw holes. Set the new vanity into place, ensuring it is level by using shims and a carpenter's level.

Step 4: If installing a new faucet, do so now before the countertop is installed.

Step 5: Secure the vanity to the wall with screws once it is properly positioned.

Step 6: Secure the countertop by using a bead of caulk around the top edge of the vanity. Carefully set the top in place.

Step 7: Reconnect all plumbing using plumber's tape for a better fit.

Step 8: Finish by running a thin bead of caulk around the edges of the countertop. Use a rag or fingertip to smooth the bead.

And now you have a newly installed bathroom vanity!